What to do before, during and after any workshop?

Today, I want to show you a simple process for consistently achieving successful workshop results. It’s my Before, During and After Workshop Checklist, and it applies to any workshop in any situation.

7 Toxic Outcomes of the Favorite Child: What Happens When They Grow Up – Learning Mind (

Research indicates that favouring one child over another can have long-lasting effects it affects every one of us in different ways – here are 7 toxic outcomes.

The Four Archetypes of Self-Awareness

Internal self-awareness (understanding yourself and being in tune with your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours). External self-awareness (knowing your impact on others and how they view you).

Defining generations: Where Millennials end and Generation Z begins

For decades, Pew Research Center has been committed to measuring public attitudes on key issues and documenting differences in those attitudes across demographic groups. One lens often employed by researchers at the Center to understand these differences is that of generation.

Sociocracy For All: Providing the structure to build a better future

Best decisions are made when everyone’s voice is heard, it saves time, makes inclusive decisions and creates more human organizations.

5 Ways Modern Schools Kill Critical Thinking

Learning is one of the best things that can happen to you, all throughout life. For children, schools provide some of the education they need. But why are modern schools killing critical thinking? We learn to read, we learn to write, but do we formally learn about how to discern solutions to a complicated problem?

The Characteristics of Effective Leaders

The Think-Feel-Do leaders.

Preparing Your Organization for the Shift to Hybrid Work – Zoom Blog

The world of work is changing. In the past, organizations have traditionally followed one of two work models: in-office where everyone is in the office every day, or remote, where employees work in off-site locations that are located wherever they are.

However, recent global events have forced organizations to rethink how and where they work. With recent advances in technology, many organizations are considering a hybrid work model in which employees are given the choice to work in the office, remotely, or a mixture of both.

Case study: Ricoh’s success in creating a more engaged workforce

Discover how Ricoh, a company renowned for technological innovation, strengthened its culture of recognition and enabled its employees to feel connected and engaged anytime, anywhere.

The Future of Work is Hybrid: Thriving in the New Normal – IDEO U

The Future of Work is Hybrid: Here’s How to Thrive The Future of Work is Hybrid: Thriving in the New Normal.

Hybrid is harder, but it holds the potential for increased creativity and innovation.

How technology can transform learning and education

The rapid advent of technology in all aspects of our lives has shifted the debate of whether technology should be used in education to how it can be used to prepare our youth to become confident citizens of a modern society.

Since technology affects the health, wealth and productivity of a citizen, any form of education that does not empower the learner with the necessary skills and dispositions to thrive in a highly technology-centric world is inadequate.

Technology is a human product. It is a tool designed to aid and empower us to create, communicate and collaborate better.

How to Get Your Subconscious Mind to Work for You

When we begin to understand that our subconscious mind is the source of an infinitesimal amount of power,
we begin to realize we have the ability to set the course of our lives the way we want them to be.
By understanding specific laws that govern the power of the subconscious mind,
and by utilizing these laws, we have within our grasp the ability to create beneficial changes in our lives.

5 Best Practices to Working From Home

Here are five tips to ensure remote employees are fully motivated and satisfied.

5 Rules for Leading Excellent Meetings with Your Team Every Day

So let’s talk about those things you need to do to run great everyday business meetings with your teams. And yes, I’m going to share some guidelines you may already know.

4 Mental Habits of Highly Productive People

Why Is Retrospective Difficult And How to Learn From the Past

Leaders are Emotional; Managers are Rational

5 communication best practices for remote teams

10 Habits That Are Having a Strong, Positive Impact on My Life

The Real Reasons People Resist Change (But Won’t Tell You)

The 7 Essential Attributes of Agile Leadership

This Technique Can Help You Listen More Carefully

How To Tell an Employee They Are Not Ready for a Promotion

Introduction To Basic Electronics

A useful resource here on setting up and learning about basic electronics and projects.

Unconscious bias and Cognitive bias

Unconscious bias (also known as implicit bias) refers to unconscious forms of discrimination and stereotyping.

Cognitive bias is a predictable pattern of mental errors that result in us misperceiving reality.

Knowing Me, Knowing You: The First Step to Effective Leadership

The starting point for outstanding leadership that leads to flourishing teams and high performance is knowing your people.

That’s what the latest research from neuroscience, psychology and business literature highlights as the first step in effective leadership.

Why do some organizations fail in crises while others thrive?

2020 research report: 2 key traits for successfully navigating the coronavirus crisis.

The Future Of Offices In The Post-COVID World

Work-from-home may not be a long-term solution. Many clients across Asia are reporting falling productivity due to the lack of face-to-face collaboration.

What You Need to Know About Remote Learning (Infographic)

Whether we like it or not, remote learning is here to stay. We can embrace it and choose to bring value to the process.

Why social media and Zoom meetings leave us hungry for more nutritious forms of interactions

Virtual meetings are not intrinsically wrong. But they are not sufficient, in human physiological terms, to sustain what we have come to need after 300,000 years of evolution.

7 Habits of Happy People You Can Learn

Here are a few habits that are attributed to happy people.


In its simplest form, wellbeing is your ability to feel good and function effectively. It gives you the resources to navigate the highs and lows we all experience in our work and our lives, while enabling you to intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically ‘flourish.’ As a result, studies are finding that people who have higher levels of wellbeing reap all sorts of benefits.

What Is a Type C Personality? 10 Signs You Are One

Studies show that type C personality has a really difficult time expressing his or her emotions. Type C’s are more likely than any other personality type to repress their feelings.

Not only do these types repress their emotions, but they also tend to suppress their complaints. This can lead to severe health problems, and affect their mental and physical wellbeing.

3 Tips For Learning To Communicate In A Masked World

Now, partially hidden faces will obscure those features that we rely on to convey mood and emotion. Employees will need help from the workplace to ensure that everyone is communicating clearly. Organizations can help employees become more aware of and compensate for these communication deficits through training and other opportunities that enable them to engage on this issue. With that goal in mind, here are three suggestions for strengthening workplace communications in a masked world.

8 Signs You Have an Intense Personality and What It Means

The Psychotherapist Imi Lo defines emotional intensity as ‘a form of neurodiversity that is most often misunderstood by our culture.’ It means feeling things deeply, ricocheting between highs and lows, and experiencing emotions in profoundly intense ways that other people cannot feel.

10 Ways to Inspire Your Organization

Here are ten ways to inspire people in your organization on the way to achieving your company’s vision.

A Primer for Hosting Online Creative Workshops

A lot of planning and attention goes into creating engaging, thoughtful workshops and events. This guide is designed to get you thinking about creating virtual space, whether you’re launching something new or adapting an in-person workshop to fit an online format. As many in-person events are going virtual, rethink how events are organized.

There’s no one-format-fits-all when it comes to hosting online workshops, so here’s a framework of how to think about planning yours.

Employee Engagement vs. Employee Experience: What’s the Difference?

In this article, we look at Employee engagement vs. Employee experience – what’s the difference, and why it matters.

Employee engagement is defined as “the level of an employee’s psychological investment in their organisation.”

Employee experience considers an employee’s entire journey with the organisation.

Studies show that organisations that invest in employee experience outperform those that don’t by four times in average profit and more than twice in average revenue.

Big Behavior Shifts Start with Small Nudges

When managers aren’t prepared to develop a strong, healthy team it can have serious consequences for organizations and individuals. Under bad management employees suffer emotionally and their performance declines.

10 Key Factors for a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

Crowdfunding started as a means for start-ups to raise funds back in 2008. It is an alternative to venture capitalist investment. SMEs can now adopt the same model for raising of equity through share allocation or other ownership arrangements. You need the crowd to be effective in raising funds. Crowdfunding is more of an art than a science; it is about getting the right people involved at the right time. So what are the key factors for a successful crowdfunding campaign?

Here’s how your desk should be organized

In the office, your desk is your command center. And experts said how well it’s organized can help set the tone and productivity level at work.