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Learning Matters LLP (LM LLP)   www.learningmatters.com.sg was initially founded in 1994 as Learning Matters and supplied high quality Science Teaching Aids from the USA to Singapore Schools. In 2012 it was converted to an LLP and started designing and delivering customised management programmes including Team Building programmes for Corporations.

It’s founder Prabu Naidu also co-founded Facilitators Network Singapore (FNS) www.fns.sg in 2004 which specialises in providing professional facilitation training and services for effective corporate retreats, strategic planning, group decision-making, board meetings, stakeholder focus group consultation and engagement.

At LM LLP our purpose is to help individuals and organisations to Learn, Grow and Succeed by providing products and services that will enhance Life-long Learning & Development. Learning Matters LLP is a Singapore based organisation focusing on providing custom designed programmes including workshops and seminars with highly specialized content and skills development.

We value each relationship with our clients and strive to serve them to the best of our ability. We accomplish that by constantly updating our core competencies, building relationships and establishing alliances with other providers who specialise in areas that we do not focus on. Our clients include the Singapore Public sector, Private & People sectors in Singapore and Private & People sectors the Asian region.

Effective 2020, Learning Matters LLP has ventured into providing high quality CCA & Enrichment Programmes for Schools in Singapore thereby bringing  exceptional learning experience to the learners. Our focus includes Robotics & Coding (STEAM), Career Guidance, Design Thinking, Poise/Grooming & Etiquette, Service Learning, Entrepreneurship and Leadership/Motivation.

Our faculty comprises very experienced professionals who bring real world working narratives and hence they will bridge theory to practice effectively on the 4Cs for 21st Century (Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Collaboration and Communications).

They include 2nd or 3rd career transitional PMETs and hence we want to assist displaced Singaporeans find sustainable & meaningful careers in grooming future generation Singaporeans.

Please contact us for your Organisational Development (OD) and Educational Development (ED) requirements.


Learning Matters LLP launches a series of workshops for SMEs in the Paya Lebar / Ubi area.
All workshops will be very hands-on. No presentations and “death by speaking & slide shows”.
Facilitators will engage the adult learners and make sure that every learner goes back with ready to use skills to be more productive at the workplace.
In-company training can be arranged.

Contact us now and come on-board to learn, grow & succeed.

Business Corporations

  • Organisational & Leadership Development

  • Team Building for Leaders, Managers and Executives


  • School Staff Development

  • Team Building for School Staff

  • School Students Development

  • Student Leadership & Motivational training for Secondary School Students

  • Robotics and MakerSpace for Primary and Secondary School Students

  • Design Thinking Hackathons for Secondary School students

  • STEAM Training Aids

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Well done, I enjoyed and really benefited from this program
Good – good personality – for even nervous people. The “games” organized were suitable for our office
Facilitator is excellent in his experience and sharing


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