Use of our Professional Development Centre

Features of Facilitation Centre@OBH2

#07-26 OXLEY BIZHUB 2, 62 Ubi Road 1, Singapore 408734 Tel:+65-64445642

Enjoy a highly customised venue for productive meetings and active learning. Fully support adult learning principles and participatory/ experiential methodologies. Provide a learner-centric environment with a physical space that is designed to stimulate learning:

Convenience with Accessible Public Transport & Parking
Approximately 10 mins walk from Tai Seng MRT- near business hubs of Paya Lebar Central and MacPherson.Optimal Natural Light
Full glass panels provide abundant natural light for creating high energy & positive mood in the room. Unhampered view of the surroundings.

Flexible Seating Configurations
Offers flexibility for forming various seating configurations to maximise interaction and engagement of participants with movable chairs and tables.

Quality AV & Lighting
Ceiling mounted projector & mini PA system with High Quality Speakers. Cool daylight LED energy efficient ceiling lights offer comfort.Comprehensive Facilitation/Training Tools
Complete range of markers, flip charts, sticky wall, timers, colour cards, etc. available.

Adequate Wall Space for Group Memory
Sufficient wall space for capturing session outputs.

Complimentary Pantry
Hot & cool water dispenser, free flow of hot & cold beverages, mints and snacks through the day.Environmentally Friendly
Collection bin for classroom used papers and flip charts for recycling.

Space for Learning Posters
Holders for standard motivational posters and topic specific posters/flip charts can be displayed for visual leaners.

Digital Multiwall enabled*
Electronic brainstorming system for summative testing, quizzing, ideas generation, etc. to engage the digital generation learners more effectively.High End Resilient Engineered Wood Flooring
With carpeted islands and multi-colour pads for Experiential/Sociometry activities.

Aromatherapy for stimulating learning and energy in the room.

Mirrored Wall Studio
For wellness activities such as Yoga, Dancing, Pilates, Zumba, & Grooming courses.Open Space & World Café Friendly
Ready for running Open Space Technology & Word Café.

Spot Lighting
For multiple uses Setting for group photograph, Stage for Improvisation theatre, Presentation, etc.

Mini Shop for Facilitation Aids
Selective range of aids for facilitators & learners available for purchase.

Rooftop Hangout
Gym, Swimming Pool.

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