Team building

Description of the Experiential Learning Activities & Team Challenges:

Experiential based learning techniques can be used to effectively transfer key concepts and principles / philosophy using indoor / outdoor challenges and activities. Participants will be put through carefully planned challenges that will require them to overcome obstacles as individuals and teams. Experiential learning provides participants with a learning opportunity that is never matched in classroom type lectures because it reflects real life situations and allows a higher degree of social interaction amongst participants.

After each experiential exercise, participants will be given opportunities to share what that activity / challenge means for them, the facilitator(s) will help process the learning points in each exercise. The participants will come away understanding how each of the concepts can be applied at work and at home.

The key to any effective team learning is in the skilled facilitation process to draw out the learning points and how they transfer to the workplace.

Customization: Each organization’s requirements will vary. The final programme will be dependant on the present situation and the critical issues that need addressing. Hence, the above outline is a generic one. After assessing the current organisational climate, the consultant will recommend the contents of the specific programme.

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