Project Management

Target group : Managers, Technical and Professional staff

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the fundamentals of Project management and be able to prepare a project plan.
  2. Learn how to effectively allocate resources and do a project costing.
  3. Be able to foresee some common problems and risks that may arise in projects and formulate response plans.


Participants attending this workshop will acquire the competency to plan, organise, lead and control projects. They will internalise these skills via exercises, case studies and examples. Experiential activities will be included as appropriate.


  1. What is Project Management?
  2. Benefits and Objectives of Project Management
  3. The Project Life Cycle
  4. Profile of the Successful Project Manager
  5. Project Planning process
  6. Project Definition Statement (PDS)
  7. Project Objective Statement (POS)
  8. PDS & POS Checklist
  9. Case Study & Examples
  10. Project Time Management
  11. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  12. Duration Estimation
  13. Case Study & Examples
  14. Project Dependency Diagram & Critical Path
  15. Gantt chart
  16. Case Study & Examples
  17. Project Human Resource Management
  18. Organizational planning
  19. Team Development
  20. Transitioning In A New Team/Group Member
  21. Dysfunctional Team Behaviours Resource Planning
  22. Case Study & Examples
  23. Key descriptors of an IDEAL, SUCCESSFUL Project Manager Project Cost Management
  24. Cost Control
  25. Case Study & Examples
  26. Project Quality Management
  27. Quality Planning and Assurance
  28. Monitoring and Controlling Project Performance
  29. Project change control process
  30. Estimating Tools
  31. Project Risk Management
  32. Project Communication – RACI
  33. Case Study & Examples
  34. Performance Reporting & Feedback
  35. Project Closeout
  36. Transfer of learning to workplace
  • For in-company workshops, company specific cases can be included for workplace learning and the content can be adapted for relevance.
  • Participants are encouraged to come with a project so that this may be used as case examples for learning application.

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