Performance Management & Coaching

Target group : People Managers & Supervisors.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn to align work plans, prepare key result areas (KRAs) for the next performance review period.
  2. Integrate the company indicators – Setting goals and measurements for improvement of the KRAs.
  3. Understand the Performance Management (PM) Process.
  4. Learn and practice coaching for performance.
  5. For in-company workshops: Internalise the company’s Strategic Directions and know the direction(s) where the company wants to go.


Participants attending this workshop will engage in highly invigorating discussions, role plays, video playback and (*company specific) performance management case studies that will result in the production of a series of recommended situational responses for application at the workplace. Experiential activities will be included as appropriate.


Day 1

  1. Welcome & Ice breakers
  2. Key Result Areas (KRAs)
  3. Why KRAs are critical
  4. Performance Objectives & Measurement Criteria
  5. Standards of Performance
  6. Goal setting & SMART Objectives
  7. Preparation of own KRAs
  8. Coaching & Counseling basic skills
  9. Techniques for the high performer
  10. Techniques for the average performer
  11. Techniques for the low performer
  12. Cases* & role plays
  13. Transfer of learning to workplace
  • For in-company workshops, company specific cases can be included for action learning and the content can be adapted for relevance.

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