Mentor / Protégé Programme

Target group : People Managers & Supervisors.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Match the mentor with the appropriate mentees using the Strengths Deployment Inventory® & the SDI Expectations Inventory®
  2. Put in place a robust, sustainable programme.


  1. What is Mentoring
  2. Examples of successful organizational Mentoring
  3. Relationship between Mentoring – Succession planning – Performance Mgt
  4. Interpreting the Strengths Deployment Inventory® (SDI) & Expectations Inventory® (EI)
  5. Criteria checklist for Mentors
  6. Roles and Responsibilities of Mentor – Mentees
  7. Mapping each Mentor to their critical competencies
  8. Readiness gauge
  9. Case based coaching for Mentors – syndicate work
  10. Case based coaching for Mentors & Mentees – including roles playing
  11. Discussion on 6-month sustenance model
  12. Environmental & structural conditions for the programme to be succeed
  • (Strengths Deployment Inventory is a trademark of Personal Strengths Publishing, Inc. USA. All rights reserved).

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