Customer Service

Target group : Professional staff, Front line staff and Service providers

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the key elements of Customer Service beyond meeting expected requirements.
  2. Learn about various personality make up of Customers and use it to address each customer in a unique way.
  3. To manage the relationship between effective task performance and the social climate by strengthening listening, influencing, and problem solving skills and how to use these skills in Customer service.
  4. Learn & practice the use of Service Recovery steps so as to handle complaints professionally and retain customers.


Participants attending this workshop will engage in highly invigorating discussions, role plays, video playback (and company specific customer situation) case studies* that will result in the production of a series of recommended situational responses for application at the workplace. Experiential activities will be included as appropriate.

  • For in-company workshops, company specific cases can be included for action learning.

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